Research Training Group 2360 Graduiertenkolleg 2360

Crossing boundaries:
Propagation of in-stream environmental alterations to adjacent terrestrial ecosystems

System Link investigates bottom-up and top-down mediated interactions in terrestrial ecosystems, which propagate from aquatic environments as a result of their exposure to anthropogenic stress. Doctoral researchers in System Link either conduct experiments in unique aquatic-terrestrial mesocosm facilities combined with laboratory and field research, or develop and apply process-based environmental models. They benefit from a targeted course program. System Link started in October 2019.



July 15, 2020:

Presentation of the longterm Joint-Pot Experiment with the State Secretary of the MWWK Dr. Denis Alt (more information).


June 22, 2020:

Online presentation of Dr. John Richardson, UBC.


May 25, 2020:

Application for Online Autumn Academy on spatial ecotoxicology is now open.


May 18, 2020:

Online presentation of Dr. Johanna Kraus; USGS.


May 4, 2020:

SystemLink was presented at  EGU2020: Sharing Geoscience Online at a glance.


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