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Due to the interdisciplinary approach of SystemLink 15 additional researchers are directly linked with their working groups and projects – reaching from molecular to environmental topics.

Research area
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Brühl, Carsten, Dr.
Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology
Learn more about Carsten Brühl
Brunn, Melanie, Dr.
Rhizosphere Processes
Learn more about Melanie Brunn
Buchmann, Christian, Dr.
Soil Interfacial Chemistry
Learn more about Christian Buchmann
Eitzinger, Bernhard, Dr.
Learn more about Bernhard Eitzinger
Müller-Schüssele, Stefanie, Prof. Dr.
Molecular Botany
Learn more about Stefanie Müller-Schüssele
Muñoz, Katherine, Dr.
Environmental Fate and Human Monitoring
Learn more about Katherine Muñoz
Riess, Kai, Dr.
Terrestrial Ecology
Learn more about Kai Riess
Rösch, Verena, Dr.
Impacts of Habitat Fragmentation
Learn more about Verena Rösch
Schirmel, Jens, Dr. habil
Invasion Ecology
Learn more about Jens Schirmel
Schützenmeister, Klaus, Dr.
Learn more about Klaus Schützenmeister
Diehl, Dörte, Dr.
Soil Chemistry
Learn more about Dörte Diehl
Knott, Mathilde, Dr.
Environmental Chemistry
Learn more about Mathilde Knott
Mendoza-Lera, Clara, Dr.
Learn more about Clara Mendoza-Lera
Wirth, Rainer, Dr.
Species Interactions
Learn more about Rainer Wirth
Manfrin, Alessandro, Dr.
Stress ecology
Learn more about Alessandro Manfrin
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