Program Structure

SystemLink as a research training group consists of more than research and publishing in Landau. Therefore we have at the one hand different approaches and facilities in Rhineland Palatinate. On the other hand our researchers actively participate in presenting and discussing their research at conferesces like SETAC.
We offer additionally an individual care? for each of our doctoral researchers to provide  them skills in research, publishing or business topics.

Doctoral research projects

Since we are already employing the second cohort of phds, there are many projects, some which have already been carried out, as well as new projects that are conducted by the phds.
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Approaches and facilities

System Link conducts research at different scales. Therefore we have extra facilities in the Landau area like site scale floodplain mesocosms (FPM), riparian stream mesocosms (RSM), batch scale joint pot experiments or even landscape scale experiments.
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Qualification program

SystemLink offers fast track and highly qualifying programs for young talented researchers.
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Networking and Research

Both, the publication and discussion of research results at conferences as well as a global network further advance SystemLink’s research and exchange. Everyone involved benefits from this, both established and young scientists.
Here you find more information about Publications, Cooperations and current public exchange.