National network

SystemLink  works together with Dr Viktor Baranov (LMU Munich Biocenter) in the field of Aquatic Ecology.

SystemLink conducts some of its experimental work at the Eusserthal Ecosystem Research Station (EERES, about 20 km west of Landau) belonging to the iES Landau, Institute for Environmental Sciences.

  SystemLink  works together with Assistant Prof. Dr Henrik Krehenwinkel (University of Trier) in the field of molecular ecology.

  SystemLink  works together with Dr. Florian Leese (University Duisburg-Essen) in the field of molecular ecology.

 SystemLink  works together with Dr. Marcus Pfenninger and Dr. Halina Binde-Doria (Senckenberg Biodiversität und Klima Forschungszentrum (SBiK-F))in the field of molecular ecology.

International network

Dr. Erin R. Benett works at the University of Windsor  and is the editor-in-chief of Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (BECT). He regularly provide the PhD students with advanced knowledge on paper writing and the entire submission process.

Dr. Johanna Kraus works on the cross-ecosystem transport of pollutants via emerging aquatic insects and is a renowned expert in stress impacts on the coupling of aquatic to terrestrial ecosystems

Dr. Shawn J. Leroux works on the study of the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, through food web modelling on Aquatic-terrestrial metaecosystems.


Prof. Dr. John Richardson is professor for riparian and stream area ecology at the Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences at the University of British Columbia and currently runs a Forest-Stream-Linkages Project and an Amphibian Population Ecology project.

Dr. David Walters is a is a freshwater ecologist with broad training in stream ecology, human impacts on aquatic ecosystems, and ecotoxicology. His research topics include food webs contaminant flux and aquatic-riparian linkages.