Postdoctoral researchers

Area of expertise

Buchmann, Christian, Dr.

Soil Chemistry

Brühl, Carsten A., Dr.Terrestrial community ecology
Brunn, Melanie, Dr.Rhizosphere biogeochemistry
Fahse, Lorenz, Dr.Ecological modeling
Kattwinkel, Mira, Dr.Ecological modeling
Mendoza-Lera Clara, Dr.Aquatic Ecology
Muñoz, Katherine A., Dr.Analytical organic chemistry
Riess, Kai, Dr.Fungal ecology
Rösch, Verena, Dr.Plant ecology & entomology
Schirmel, Jens, Dr.Insect biodiversity
Sidhu, Nanki, Dr.Remote sensing and GIS

Theissinger, Kathrin, Dr.

Conservation genetics



SystemLink-funded postdoc:




Alessandro, Manfrin, Dr.




  • Research background: Applied ecology, conservation, and evolution freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems. Analysis of large spatial and temporal datasets using linear and non-linear mixed-effects modelling in which potential spatial and serial dependency are considered.
  • Since 2017: Postdoc, University of Koblenz-Landau, Institute for Environmental Sciences, in SystemLink. Topic: Effect of micro-pollutants on aquatic terrestrial interface.
  • 2017 – 2020: Postdoc, University of Applied Sciences Trier, Environmental-Campus Birkenfeld and University of Duisburg-Essen.

     Recent publications:

  • Manfrin A., Bunzel-Drüke M., Lorenz A. W., Maire A., Scharf M., Zimball O., and Stoll S. 2020. The effect of lateral connectedness on the taxonomic and functional structure of fish communities in a lowland river floodplain. Science of The Total Environment,
  • Manfrin A., Teurlincx S., Lorenz A. W., Haase P., Marttila M., Syrjänen J. T., Gregor T., and Stoll S. 2019. Effect of river restoration on life-history strategies in fish communities. Science of The Total Environment, 663: 486-495,

  • De Necker L., Manfrin A., Ikenaka Y., Ishizuka M., Brendonck L., van Vuren J. H. J, Sures B., Wepener V., and Smit N. J. 2020. Using stable δ13C and δ15N isotopes to assess foodweb structures in an African subtropical temporary pool, African Zoology,