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14 August 2021

SystemLink presents the ongoing experiments at the RSM during the visit of the State Secretary of the MWWK, Dr. Denis Alt.


As part of his summer trip, State Secretary Dr. Denis Alt (MWG, RLP) visited the riparian stream mesocosm (RSM) experimental facility. Nina Röder used two current research projects to illustrate the functioning of the mesocosm facility and the concept of the DFG research training group SystemLink. Further information in the press release of the University of Landau (in German).

31 May 2021

Dr. Valeria Lencioni (Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Hydrobiology, MUSE Science Museum, Trento, Italy): “Response of chironomids ( Diamesa and Chironomus ) to pesticides and emerging contaminants in mountain streams”

May 2021

Verena Gerstle, member of the SystemLink PhD student group, won the poster award at the SETAC meeting. She presented her poster entitled: “Specific mosquito control agent Reduction of non-target organisms Chironomidae and Odonata observed in semi-field mesocosms treated with Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis.See poster and video here

28-29 January 2021

Virtual Research Workshop on aquatic-Terrestrial linkage.

On 28 and 29 January 2021, SystemLink held the Virtual Research Workshop on anthropogenic alterations of aquatic-terrestrial linkages. The event was attended by 11 guest speakers working on different aspects related to SystemLink ‘s research field.

About 150 people registered for this workshop – the second organized by SystemLink – that aimed to promote both scientific exchange and enable subject-specific and social networking especially during this challenging time.

In this workshop, students from related fields had the opportunity to gain detailed insight into the research topics of SystemLink and different institutions around the world, as well as the possibility to get in contact with associated persons.

Here you can access the conferences videos.